Free Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Empowering Superstar Call Center Agents

Convoso, with the help of some of the worlds' most renowned call center experts, present a whitepaper that is gauranteed to help call center managers in every industry better manage and empower their agents.

Unfortunately in today's climate, not enough focus is spent on making the lives of call center agents easier–with this whitepaper you will find that they will start enjoying work while exceeding goals

The star studded ebook comes with insight & quotes from the smartest minds in the in the call center industry including: Chip Bell, Mike Aoki, David Brown, Adam Toporek, Blake Morgan, and MORE!!

The ebook features :

  • The importance of a company culture 
  • How to set & maintain transparent KPIs
  • The most effective hiring mechanism in the call center industry 
  • Effective & enjoyable onboarding 
  • And more!

The most comprehensive call center team building guide is a free download away! 


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